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Between a Rock and a Soft Place
People living along the coast from Alaska to Washington built rock walls near the shoreline to create beach terraces known as clam gardens. Determining when clam gardens were built can be challenging. Luckily, there’s other ways to date rocks and sediment. And it’s a very bright idea.
A Sandy Look Into the Past
Just like any good comic book character, landscapes have an origin story. Since no speech bubbles pop out from the soil, learning a landscape’s history requires alternative methods. Now, thanks to scientists, even a grain of sand can enlighten you.
Racing Tides
It’s absurdly early in the morning and a group of scientists are ready to go to the beach. The tide doesn’t allow do-overs.
Two Post-doctoral Fellowship Opportunities
The Hakai Institute is looking for two world-class post-doctoral fellows to join a collaborative study with Simon Fraser University and the University of Victoria, which aims to link theories of island biogeography with ecosystem subsidies.
Hauyat: From Mountain Top to Ocean Floor
In this short film, a collaborative team documents the rich history of Hauyat—a remarkable place that embodies people’s deep connection to the land and sea.