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Measuring Sea Level: Deceptively Simple, Incredibly Precise
You walk down to the edge of the water. A light breeze hits your skin and the ocean tickles your toes with each passing wave. To ensure your favorite tide pools aren’t underwater, you checked the tide table before you left. But who made the tide table? How did they do it?
A Beachcomber’s Grail
One afternoon, Scott Hamel found himself on Little Wolf Beach, a 200-meter-long crescent of sand on Calvert Island. The beach faces a secluded cove, but the open Pacific Ocean crashes against the outer coast less than two kilometers away. And sometimes, the ocean brings in treasure.
3 Forces that Shift the Shore
Coasts have been a desirable home for humans for tens of thousands of years. So when archaeologists want to investigate past inhabitants in lands that border oceans, they seek out old coastlines. One problem. Most coastlines don’t sit still.
It’s a Buoy!
An oceanographic buoy comes out of its Alaskan retirement and finds a new home off Hakai’s Calvert Island Ecological Observatory. To deploy the buoy requires an intrepid team, a workhorse barge, and dropping four tonnes of weight onto a tiny target at the bottom of the ocean.
Bald Eagle vs. Great Blue Heron
Wings and feathers whooshed through the air. The enormous blur of a great blue heron zoomed past. Seconds later, a bald eagle chased in hot pursuit. It’s a bird eat bird world out there. And scientists are there to get educational materials from it.