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Two Post-doctoral Fellowship Opportunities
The Hakai Institute is looking for two world-class post-doctoral fellows to join a collaborative study with Simon Fraser University and the University of Victoria, which aims to link theories of island biogeography with ecosystem subsidies.
Hauyat: From Mountain Top to Ocean Floor
In this short film, a collaborative team documents the rich history of Hauyat—a remarkable place that embodies people’s deep connection to the land and sea.
A Renewable Alternative in Coastal Communities
A local technology company blends engineering, creative problem solving, science, and innovation to build renewable energy systems across British Columbia.
What Can We Learn From 77-Year-Old Mouse Fur?
In the summer of 1939, legendary British Columbian naturalist Ian McTaggart-Cowan boarded the MV Seabird, and set off to document the biodiversity on islands along BC’s Inside Passage. Now, 80 years later, a team of scientists is retracing their steps.
The Fastest Way to Measure 934 Tide Pools
You can walk around the treeless shores of Wizard Islet in a matter of minutes. But even on this tiny Islet, there are a staggering 934 tide pools. Measuring the details of every single pool was almost impossible—until drones came along.