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Life at Hakai

Calvert Island in 3D
February 12, 2016 by Grant Callegari, Will McInnes, Keith Holmes
Take a 3D tour of Hakai Institute's Calvert Island Field Station to see how drone-created images allow us to see the coast in a whole new way.
Hakai Energy Solutions
September 08, 2015 by Grant Callegari
The Calvert Island research station is far from the power grid, but you wouldn't know it. How do you power and heat facilities for over 100 people?
A Drone's View of Calvert Island
July 28, 2015 by Grant Callegari
See Calvert Island's mysterious bog forests, magnificent beaches, and soaring cliffs through the eyes of a flying robot.
Food Delivery Time-Lapse
May 12, 2015 by Grant Callegari
When you are four hours by boat to the nearest supermarket and you have 80 to 100 mouths to feed, food delivery is a big chore.
The Commute
May 12, 2015 by Grant Callegari
The commute home after a Winter 2015 visit to Calvert Island.