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Hakai Wild

Under the Dock: Barnacles
February 14, 2017 by Grant Callegari, Josh Silberg
Ouch! While exploring seaside rocks at low tide, you slip and scrape your leg on a jagged cluster of barnacles. More than an annoyance, these are home sweet home to some tiny creatures. This one-minute Under the Dock video reveals the crafty critters that live inside!
Under the Dock: Urchins
January 09, 2017 by Grant Callegari, Josh Silberg
They’re spiny, tube-footed, and covered in tiny pincers. And you definitely wouldn’t want to compete against one in a kelp eating contest. This episode of Under the Dock is all about urchins!
Under the Dock: Red Tubeworm
December 15, 2016 by Grant Callegari, Josh Silberg
Our docks are covered with colorful red, white, and yellow tree-like creatures. All of a sudden—whoosh!—they’ve all retreated back into their swirled homes. These tubeworms are the fantastic beast featured in this episode of Under the Dock.
Sandhill Crane | Hakai Wild
December 05, 2016 by Grant Callegari, Josh Silberg
You can hear their bugles echo from far away as they fly high above the Great Bear Rainforest. Honking, dancing sandhill cranes are the subject of this episode of Hakai Wild.
Under the Dock: Rockfish
November 24, 2016 by Grant Callegari, Josh Silberg
Quillback, chilipepper, vermillion, thornyhead. These aren’t imaginary dragons—they’re rockfish! In this one-minute Under the Dock video, dive under the sea to get up close and personal with these fantastical fish.