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Hakai Wild

Diving Surge Narrows
April 05, 2018 by Grant Callegari
Life clings to the rocks as cold, strong currents rip through Surge Narrows. But for a brief moment every day, the current slows down—the perfect time to dive in and check out this diverse underwater world of electric yellow sponges, lurking lingcod, and vibrant red soft corals.
Under the Dock: Decorated Warbonnet | Hakai Wild
March 15, 2018 by Grant Callegari, Meigan Henry
Consider yourself lucky if you see one of these impressive fish on your dive. Often only their frilly head peeks out of a crevice. But this one-minute Hakai Wild video shows you all angles of this elusive fish.
Under the Dock: Northern Abalone | Hakai Wild
February 05, 2018 by Grant Callegari, Josh Silberg, Meigan Henry
Crawling along at an impressive speed (for a snail), the northern abalone is quite the creature. This one-minute Hakai Wild video puts a spotlight on these fleet-footed snails.
Under the Dock: Hooded Nudibranch
October 20, 2017 by Grant Callegari, Josh Silberg
Q: What looks like a squishy stegosaurus, catches food with a frilly hat, and smells like watermelons? A: Let us introduce you to the hooded nudibranch! This ethereal sea slug is the star of this 1-minute Hakai Wild video. Check it out!
Skunk Cabbage | Hakai Wild
May 25, 2017 by Grant Callegari
A distinct, pungent odor fills the air. Enormous leaves emerge from the wet soil. A lemon-yellow stalk and hood appear next. Most humans aren’t drawn to the perfume, but this peculiar plant is undeniably an attractive harbinger of spring in British Columbia. Skunk cabbage is the subject of this one-minute Hakai Wild video.