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Weather conditions on Quadra and Clavert Island

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Our docks, facilities, and access trails on Calvert Island are closed to visitors in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This closure extends to the shorelines of Pruth Bay, West Beach, and North Beach.

Drone Mapping of the Quadra Island Field Station - Hakai Institute

Drone Mapping of the Quadra Island Field Station

Geospatial data capture with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).

Over the past few months the Hakai Institute has been testing new solutions for data acquisition. We face a number of challenges to try and collect the best spatial information in an efficient manner.

Satellite imagery and helicopter surveys have been useful in the past, but the addition of the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) has opened many doors to improve the quality of our research.

By having our own solutions we are able to combat the headaches associated with poor weather, tide windows, and expensive externally-sourced imagery. The latest snapshot the Geospatial Technology Team took was of the Quadra Island Field Station. Within a single 15-minute flight we captured imagery for a 750 x 1300 meter swath that includes a 3D mesh of the landscape at a spatial resolution of 10 cm.

3D point cloud created from UAV imagery on Quadra Island by the Hakai Geospatial Technology Team.