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Geographic Information Systems

Programs Tagged with "Geographic Information Systems"

100 Islands
Changing Seascapes Program
Forage Fish Food Webs
Geospatial Technology
The Hakai geospatial team uses cutting-edge technology to help researchers map, model, and understand the physical world.
Kwakshua Watersheds Program
With this program we seek to understand and model the flux of terrestrial materials from land to sea.
Oceanographic Monitoring


Research Elements Tagged with "Geographic Information Systems"

Central Coast Ocean Monitoring
Focal Seagrass and Macroalgae Species
High Seas Food Webs
Landscape and Climate Controls on Terrestrial Ecosystems
Examining landscape and climate controls on ecosystem composition and function in a complex coastal-landscape mosaic.
Map Downloads
Downloadable PDF maps of the Hakai Institute study areas and research programs for use with mobile devices.
Nearshore Ecology


Latest Blog Posts Tagged with "Geographic Information Systems"

Paddling a Science Canoe
Three rain-gear-clad scientists crammed into a canoe and quietly paddled across a Guinness-colored lake. For six damp hours they meandered in a zigzag pattern from one shore to the other to gather a key piece of missing information—how deep is the lake?
Mapping British Columbia’s Deflating Glaciers
When the Hakai Institute expanded our research umbrella, we started at the top—BC’s coastal glaciers and snowpack. And when it came to methods, we went straight to the obvious tool to study ice and snow—lasers.


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