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Programs Tagged with "Freshwater"

Geospatial Technology
The Hakai geospatial team uses cutting-edge technology to help researchers map, model, and understand the physical world.
Kwakshua Watersheds Program
With this program we seek to understand and model the flux of terrestrial materials from land to sea.
Salmon Ecosystems

Research Elements Tagged with "Freshwater"

Environmental DNA and Fish Detection
Monitoring resident and juvenile freshwater salmonids with waterborne DNA
Hydrology and Climate
Establishing a hydrological and meteorological observation network on an outer coast island of the coastal temperate rainforest.
Juvenile Salmon Marine Survival
Microbial Ecology Across a Land-Sea Gradient
Microbial communities and processes across a land-sea gradient in the hypermaritime coastal temperate rainforest.
Rivers Inlet Juvenile Sockeye Migration Dynamics
Stable Isotope Ecology


Latest Blog Posts Tagged with "Freshwater"

Hauyat: From Mountain Top to Ocean Floor
In this short film, a collaborative team documents the rich history of Hauyat—a remarkable place that embodies people’s deep connection to the land and sea.
Microscopic Marvels
Humans like to think big. But if we look closer, a whole miniature world is revealed. Single-celled organisms are hiding in every habitat we explore from seawater to sand to soil. And new technologies are giving Hakai researchers a chance to study this microscopic world.