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Programs Tagged with "Atmospheric"

Kwakshua Watersheds Program
With this program we seek to understand and model the flux of terrestrial materials from land to sea.

Research Elements Tagged with "Atmospheric"

Hydrology and Climate
Establishing a hydrological and meteorological observation network on an outer coast island of the coastal temperate rainforest.

Latest Blog Posts Tagged with "Atmospheric"

The Living Beach
At the back of a gently sloped beach lie a row of sand dunes. A few grains of sand blow along the shore, but the five-meter-high dunes appear solid. But hidden up in the trees, time-lapse cameras reveal a much different story.
Using Lasers to Map in Glorious Detail
Mapping the large islands of the BC Central Coast on foot would be nearly impossible. High-tech strategies, such as aerial photos, are better, but still limited. Hakai researchers have spent the last four years taking it to the next level: lasers.