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Advances in Geochronological Methods
Beach Micro-organisms
Beach Microflora, Microfauna and Meiofauna
Beach-Dune Eco-morphodynamics
Beach-Dune Eco-morphodynamics on Contrasting Pocket Beaches
Central Coast Ocean Monitoring
Chronology Building
CSE soil change
Understanding long-term soil change in coastal sandy ecosystems


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Micro-Flatworm Surprise
If you look close enough, you can just see them squeezing their way in between grains of sand and scooting along on seaweed—tiny flatworms. When scientists looked closer at these tiny creatures, they found that one species was actually four.
Paddling a Science Canoe
Three rain-gear-clad scientists crammed into a canoe and quietly paddled across a Guinness-colored lake. For six damp hours they meandered in a zigzag pattern from one shore to the other to gather a key piece of missing information—how deep is the lake?