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Soil Processes

Programs Tagged with "Soil Processes"

Coastal Sand Ecosystems
Exploring ecological and geomorphic form, process, and interaction at the land-sea junction
Kwakshua Watersheds Program
With this program we seek to understand and model the flux of terrestrial materials from land to sea.

Research Elements Tagged with "Soil Processes"

Advances in Geochronological Methods
Landscape and Climate Controls on Terrestrial Ecosystems
Examining landscape and climate controls on ecosystem composition and function in a complex coastal-landscape mosaic.
Sand & Bedrock Erosion
Origin of sand and bedrock erosion rates, Calvert Island
Soil Development

Latest Blog Posts Tagged with "Soil Processes"

The Great Flush
Coastal landscapes are influenced by nutrients that come from the oceans. But the land does its share of sharing too. Never underestimate the power of a small stream.
Using Lasers to Map in Glorious Detail
Mapping the large islands of the BC Central Coast on foot would be nearly impossible. High-tech strategies, such as aerial photos, are better, but still limited. Hakai researchers have spent the last four years taking it to the next level: lasers.