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Carbon and Nutrient Cycling

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Sand & Bedrock Erosion
Origin of sand and bedrock erosion rates, Calvert Island
Seaweed Microbial Biodiversity
Stable Isotope Ecology
Terrestrial Material in the Marine Food Web
Investigating the fate and food-web uptake of terrestrial organic matter in the coastal ocean.
Understanding Food Web Linkages
Watershed Exports to the Coastal Ocean
Investigating exports of terrestrial materials to the ocean from a coastal temperate rainforest landscape.


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A Sandy Look Into the Past
Just like any good comic book character, landscapes have an origin story. Since no speech bubbles pop out from the soil, learning a landscape’s history requires alternative methods. Now, thanks to scientists, even a grain of sand can enlighten you.
A Swell to Quell the Dissolution of Shell
Oceans are typically favorable for animals to build their skeletons. But as the ocean absorbs more carbon dioxide, it becomes increasingly difficult for creatures to make shells. Here are five ways the Hakai Institute contributes to tracking ocean acidification in the North Pacific.