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Vegetation Community History

Jennifer Eamer is working for the Hakai Ancient Landscapes Archaeology Project to construct a vegetation community history for the region. In particular, she is focusing on understanding the development and community dynamics of forest and bog ecosystems in the Hakai area since the last glaciation. Through paleoecological analyses, mainly fossil pollen analysis, we aim to understand the ecological, environmental, and climatic conditions that led to development of the plant communities seen today. Through this we can determine how these factors drive change over long ecological timescales and how these factors interact with each other. This data will not only fill a knowledge gap about the development of central coast plant communities, but will also provide insight to the impact of current and future climatic changes on these plant ecosystems.

Clockwise from top: section of pond core sediments from lake on Triquet Island, Cal Abbot and Duncan McLaren coring on Namu Lake, and Picea sitchensis (Sitka spruce) pollen from core on Calvert Island.