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Soil Development
Stable Isotope Ecology
Terrestrial Material in the Marine Food Web
Investigating the fate and food-web uptake of terrestrial organic matter in the coastal ocean.
Understanding Food Web Linkages
Watershed Exports to the Coastal Ocean
Investigating exports of terrestrial materials to the ocean from a coastal temperate rainforest landscape.


Latest Blog Posts Tagged with "Biogeochemistry"

Hakai Partners with the Smithsonian Institution to Better Understand the World’s Oceans
The Hakai Institute is the first Canadian partner in the Smithsonian-led Marine Global Earth Observatory—or MarineGEO. This partnership represents the natural next phase for the Hakai Institute, coordinating our research with like-minded organizations locally and around the world.
A NOAA-Hakai Collaboration
The Pacific Ocean has no borders. However, tracking ocean conditions across political borders requires coordination and collaboration.