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Valentina Savo

Resource and Environmental Management (REM)
Simon Fraser University

Dr. Valentina Savo’s research is rooted in ethnobotany and aims to include a more complex view of the relationships between humans and the environment. Since 2003 she has been working on several different projects spanning from Mediterranean plant ecology, bioclimate, ethnobotany, Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) and plant iconography. More recently, she has been working with environmental resource managers analyzing their observations on changes in the environment with a focus on climate change drivers.

She has recently been awarded a postdoctoral fellowship from the Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Canada and has joined the Hakai Network as a Hakai Post-doctoral scholar. Her resarch explores Coastal First Nations’ observations of and adaptations to climate change in British Columbia. She will correlate this information with quantitative data on environmental changes and analyze how these changes may affect the culture of the involved communities.