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Katy Hind

University of British Columbia

Dr. Katy Hind is an evolutionary biologist interested in understanding species diversity. She specifically focuses on the taxonomy and classification of organisms using molecular techniques. 

Her PhD research investigated species diversity in a group of marine calcifying algae called corallines. Recent molecular advances have shown that species diversity in red algae has been vastly underestimated and there are hundreds of species awaiting proper classification and identification. Using an integrative taxonomic approach combining molecular techniques, morphology, biogeography and ecology she is developing a more accurate classification scheme for coralline algae.

As a postdoctoral researcher and Hakai Scholar she will be investigating the diversity of coralline algae throughout the central coast of British Columbia. This area is an important biogeographic zone due to ocean influences from both northern and southern waters. Documenting the species diversity of coralline algae in this area will provide the base-line information required for future studies examining the effects of climate change and anthropogenic impacts.