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Julia Jackley

Julia Jackley

Julia is interested in the relationships between people and landscapes through time. Her research experience is in documenting and examining Northwest Coast cultural landscapes through the integration of diverse data and knowledge sources.

Julia was raised in Oregon but spent considerable time in her youth sailing along B.C.’s coast with her family. Through these travels Julia was first introduced to the rich and deep history of Northwest Coast First Nations. At the University of Oregon, Julia graduated with a degree in Anthropology and Archaeology (B.A, cum laude) and worked in CRM for 3 years with the University of Oregon Museum of Natural and Cultural History.

For her MA research (SFU, 2012), Julia reconstructed the history of Klehkwahnnohm, a cultural landscape in the heart of Tla’amin traditional territory, by integrating archaeology, traditional knowledge and ethnographic and historical documents.  

As a Hakai Scholar and for her Ph.D research, Julia is working at Hauyat on Hunter Island in Heiltsuk traditional territory. She is examining the interrelationships between the cultural and ecological landscapes through time, with a particular focus on ancient land and resource use and resource management systems. Her research is nested within the collaborative (Heiltsuk-SFU-UVic) and multidisciplinary project, “Mountain Top to Ocean Floor: The Eco-cultural History and Future of Hauyat, N. Hunter Island in Heiltsuk Territory”. This project is co-directed by Jennifer Carpenter (HIRMD, HCEC), Dana Lepofsky (SFU), and Nancy Turner (UVic).