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Jenn Burt

Resource and Environmental Management (REM)
Research Programs/Projects

Jenn Burt joined SFU's Coastal Marine Ecology and Conservation Lab as a PhD candidate in January 2013. She is interested in questions related to ecological and social perspectives on managing marine resources and conservation planning. Prior to staring her PhD at SFU, Jenn was the Marine Planning Coordinator at the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, where she enjoyed working with scientists, government, policy makers and the public to advance the development of marine protected areas in BC. Jenn hopes to continue this theme of work during her PhD, beginning with research that examines best practices for the ecological, social, cultural and governance aspects of designing and implementing marine protected area networks. She is interested in exploring the factors that lead to successful community-based marine planning, and how those can be applied on the BC coast.

Jenn completed her masters of science at the University of British Columbia where she studied in the Pacific Salmon Ecology Lab. Her research examined the consequences of warming river temperatures on the early development stages of Fraser River sockeye and their capacity for adaptation. Before that she lived in Montreal where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from McGill. Over the years, Jenn has enjoyed working on many diverse conservation projects and programs including working at the Vancouver Aquarium, teaching at Quest University, and partnering with a Cree community in Northern Quebec to help design and plan a culturally appropriate protected area.