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Hakai Science

Ian Giesbrecht

Ian Giesbrecht helps manage the Watersheds research axis (formerly the Kwakshua watersheds program) at the Calvert Island field station. This axis is focused on understanding how terrestrial landscapes and watershed processes influence marine ecosystems and carbon cycling. In addition to coordinating the work of a multi-disciplinary research team, Ian leads the terrestrial ecology, mapping and landscape analysis aspects of the watersheds program.

Wiley Evans

Wiley Evans manages Hakai research on the globally important issue of ocean acidification and the marine carbonate system. His research on ocean chemistry in the North Pacific is integrated with other oceanographic research at the Hakai Institute, and helps monitor British Columbia’s ever-changing oceans.

Wiley received a PhD in oceanography from Oregon State University in 2011. Prior to joining Hakai, Wiley was a post-doctoral scientist at University of Alaska-Fairbanks, and a research associate at NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory.

Jennifer Jackson

Jennifer Jackson studies the dynamic ocean currents, waves, and tides, and how these physical processes affect marine life. Jennifer analyzes the physical oceanography data collected year-round near the Calvert Island and Quadra Island field stations to better understand what is happening in our local waters.


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