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Weather conditions on Quadra and Clavert Island

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Our docks, facilities, and access trails on Calvert Island are closed to visitors in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This closure extends to the shorelines of Pruth Bay, West Beach, and North Beach.


The Hakai Institute operates with its partners at various scales—local communities in British Columbia, regional initiatives throughout Cascadia, national projects in Canada, and global collaborations throughout the world.


We recognize that sustainable economic development is a must in coastal BC. We mobilize our science and technology where we can in partnership with local businesses and industry from shellfish aquaculture to First Nations-led ecotourism to green energy.


Hakai science is integrated with Pacific regional initiatives from Alaska to California. The ocean has no borders, and neither do we.


While the focus of Hakai research is in the Pacific, we contribute to networks that span Canada’s three connected ocean basins, including the Canadian Integrated Ocean Observing System (CIOOS).


The Hakai Institute has partners around the world, including Smithsonian’s MarineGEO, the International Barcode of Life, and the Global Ocean Observing System.

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