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Life at Hakai

Come and explore the inside world of a world class research institute perched on the remote west coast of Canada.

The Great Flush
August 25, 2017
by Josh Silberg
Coastal landscapes are influenced by nutrients that come from the oceans. But the land does its share of sharing too. Never underestimate the power of a small stream.
Long Ones, Short Ones, Fat Ones, Skinny Ones, Itsy, Bitsy Polychaete Worms
August 08, 2017
by Adrienne Mason
Worms often elicit disgust. But the marine worms in the vials and dishes stacked on Leslie Harris’s desk could make anyone a wormophile. The absolute number of worm species around Calvert Island will likely never be answered. But Harris is giving it her best shot.
That’s a Species I’ve Never Met Before
August 04, 2017
by Josh Silberg
Two of the three weeks of the Hakai-MarineGEO bioblitz are in the books. Over 1,000 species so far and there are bound to be more discoveries to come.
Hakai Coastal Initiative Postdoctoral Fellowship
July 11, 2017
by Margot Hessing-Lewis
Applications are invited for a two-year postdoctoral fellowship focused on the physiological ecology of a human-harvested seaweed.
It’s Pick-up Time for HAK1-A
July 10, 2017
by Josh Silberg
Submerged beneath the waves, a specialized piece of equipment resembles a sort of scientific Christmas tree. Scientific instruments hang like ornaments along the heavy line down to a depth of 140 meters. Now, scientists will finally get to open a year’s-worth of data presents.