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Life at Hakai

Come and explore the inside world of a world class research institute perched on the remote west coast of Canada.

A New Species of Nori-Like Seaweed From Calvert Island
November 05, 2015
by Sandra Lindstrom
A new seaweed has been described from collections at the Calvert Island research station.
Predicting Plankton
November 03, 2015
by Josh Silberg
Oceanographers can now predict the timing of the spring plankton bloom in Rivers Inlet to within two days.
Islands Full of Insects
October 30, 2015
by Josh Silberg
The islands along the B.C. Central Coast host a staggering diversity of plant and animal species. From beetles to flies to aphids, one of the most diverse groups is undoubtedly the insects.
Where Have the Baby Fish Gone?
October 22, 2015
by Jimmy Thomson
In the Strait of Georgia, larvae numbers of several fish species appear to have decreased over the last three decades. But why?
October Under the Sea in BC
October 20, 2015
by Josh Silberg
The outside temperatures now match the frigid waters, but Hakai Institute researchers still dive beneath the waves in October.