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Life at Hakai

Come and explore the inside world of a world class research institute perched on the remote west coast of Canada.

Mapping British Columbia’s Deflating Glaciers
November 08, 2017
by Josh Silberg
When the Hakai Institute expanded our research umbrella, we started at the top—BC’s coastal glaciers and snowpack. And when it came to methods, we went straight to the obvious tool to study ice and snow—lasers.
Just What Lives on the Rocks of Calvert Island?
October 05, 2017
by Josh Silberg
The coffee hadn’t kicked in yet, but there is an unspoken excitement in the air despite the constant drizzle working its way through well-worn Gore-Tex. The tide is dropping to low, and this team of a dozen scientists has biodiversity to study.
An Ad-Dock Solution
September 07, 2017
by Josh Silberg
The fate of the Hakai Institute's old dock ramp from Calvert Island was up in the air as it left the island on a barge as scrap. Then our Quadra Island neighbors came with a proposal.
The Great Flush
August 25, 2017
by Josh Silberg
Coastal landscapes are influenced by nutrients that come from the oceans. But the land does its share of sharing too. Never underestimate the power of a small stream.
Long Ones, Short Ones, Fat Ones, Skinny Ones, Itsy, Bitsy Polychaete Worms
August 08, 2017
by Adrienne Mason
Worms often elicit disgust. But the marine worms in the vials and dishes stacked on Leslie Harris’s desk could make anyone a wormophile. The absolute number of worm species around Calvert Island will likely never be answered. But Harris is giving it her best shot.