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Life at Hakai

Come and explore the inside world of a world class research institute perched on the remote west coast of Canada.

Stitching Together the Data Quilt
April 13, 2017
by Nancy Shackelford
Hakai researchers are stitching together their maps to create a single image of the coast from mountaintop to ocean floor. And ecologists can't wait to use the results.
Sea Otter Return Likely Won’t Harm Abalone Recovery
March 23, 2017
by Ami Kingdon
What if there are two endangered species in the same habitat, but one of them eats the other? That’s the conundrum presented by sea otters and abalone.
Practicing Safe Science
March 09, 2017
by Josh Silberg
When you work at remote field stations, safety and a solid knowledge of first aid is paramount. As the main field season begins ramping up in March, the nearshore science team are on Quadra Island to ensure they’re all prepared should the unexpected happen. That means practice.
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Marine Biodiversity
March 07, 2017
by Margot Hessing-Lewis
The Hakai Institute and the Smithsonian Institution’s MarineGEO program are seeking candidates for a postdoctoral fellow based at the UBC in Vancouver. The postdoctoral fellow will lead a detailed biological inventory of this region with particular focus on coastal benthic habitats.
Between a Rock and a Soft Place
February 21, 2017
by Josh Silberg
People living along the coast from Alaska to Washington built rock walls near the shoreline to create beach terraces known as clam gardens. Determining when clam gardens were built can be challenging. Luckily, there’s other ways to date rocks and sediment. And it’s a very bright idea.