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Life at Hakai

Come and explore the inside world of a world class research institute perched on the remote west coast of Canada.

Hakai Olympics
August 19, 2016
by Josh Silberg
While some of world’s best athletes compete in Rio de Janeiro, another lesser-known sporting competition was taking place far to the north on the sands of West Beach on Calvert Island, British Columbia—the first annual Hakai Olympics.
Krystal Bachen: Technician Turned Raven Rescuer
August 18, 2016
by Shanna Baker
Calvert Island's coastal waters teem with marine life, so seeing an animal splash at the surface is rarely cause for alarm. But as Krystal Bachen walked along the pier, a pair of adult ravens were causing a commotion. A young raven was tangled and drowning. She sprung into action.
Monterey Aquarium Visits Calvert Island
August 09, 2016
by Josh Silberg
Monterey Aquarium Sea Otter Research Coordinator Michelle Staedler and Senior Research Biologist Jessica Fujii traveled to Calvert Island to help Hakai’s Erin Rechsteiner and her crew monitor northern sea otters. Michelle shared her insights from the expedition on their aquarium blog.
Science From the Outside
July 06, 2016
by Mark Garrison
As we unloaded gear, a seal popped her head up to investigate, cacophonous honks signaled sandhill cranes flying overhead, and ravens skulked in surrounding trees. Welcome to British Columbia’s Central Coast.
Science Doesn’t Hibernate
March 08, 2016
by Josh Silberg
Nature doesn’t take a break in the wintertime, so scientists don't either. What's it like to do winter fieldwork on British Columbia’s Central Coast?