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Life at Hakai

Come and explore the inside world of a world class research institute perched on the remote west coast of Canada.

The Blob Hides in the Deep
September 13, 2018
by Jonathan Kellogg
Fall is nearly here and, for most of us, that means the end of the summer heatwave. In the waters of British Columbia, however, the seasonal cycle is stuck. A marine heatwave began more than four years ago and new research suggests it won’t be disappearing anytime soon.
Hakai Videos in the Wild
September 06, 2018
by Josh Silberg
Time flies when you’re making videos about flies (and other scientific matters). And now our science and natural history videos are used in aquaria, museums, and classrooms across Canada.
A Gift of Gull Eggs
August 30, 2018
by Josh Silberg
While out on their monthly rounds in Rivers Inlet, Hakai’s oceanography team was leisurely approached by a nearby vessel. They were offered an unexpected gift—a basket of gull eggs.
Measuring Sea Level: Deceptively Simple, Incredibly Precise
July 26, 2018
by Jonathan Kellogg
You walk down to the edge of the water. A light breeze hits your skin and the ocean tickles your toes with each passing wave. To ensure your favorite tide pools aren’t underwater, you checked the tide table before you left. But who made the tide table? How did they do it?
A Beachcomber’s Grail
July 12, 2018
by Josh Silberg
One afternoon, Scott Hamel found himself on Little Wolf Beach, a 200-meter-long crescent of sand on Calvert Island. The beach faces a secluded cove, but the open Pacific Ocean crashes against the outer coast less than two kilometers away. And sometimes, the ocean brings in treasure.