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Calvert Oceanography Team

July 22, 2016
Emma Myers, Lucy Quayle, Nelson Roberts, Bryn Fedje, Lawren McNab. Photo by Grant Callegari

This is our team of oceanography field techs based on Calvert Island. I see some serious attitude here. I get the feeling they know how good they are.

Emma is from Port Hardy; Nelson is from Quadra Island; Bryn and Lawren grew up on Read Island. And Lucy? Lucy hails from Tasmania, another beautiful island with a strong maritime tradition, on the other side of the world. Along with their scientific training, they bring all those years of local knowledge and experience on the ocean to the job. 

All seasons, in all kinds of weather, ranging as far as 100 km from our base, they get out there and monitor the ocean’s vital signs. This is right at the core of our commitment to long term ecological research, to being an ecological observatory on the coastal margin.