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Life at Hakai

Come and explore the inside world of a world class research institute perched on the remote west coast of Canada.

Science Doesn’t Hibernate
March 08, 2016
by Josh Silberg
Nature doesn’t take a break in the wintertime, so scientists don't either. What's it like to do winter fieldwork on British Columbia’s Central Coast?
The Hakai Story
February 01, 2016
by Josh Silberg
The Hakai Institute and its founders Eric Peterson and Christina Munck are featured in the February issue of BCBusiness magazine. Vancouver-based journalist Anne Casselman recounts the history of Hakai, and the driving force behind all of the Institute’s endeavors.
Microscopic Marvels
January 20, 2016
by Josh Silberg, Jimmy Thomson
Humans like to think big. But if we look closer, a whole miniature world is revealed. Single-celled organisms are hiding in every habitat we explore from seawater to sand to soil. And new technologies are giving Hakai researchers a chance to study this microscopic world.
Launching the LIMPET
December 11, 2015
by Josh Silberg
A new marine sensor now sits on the ocean floor off Quadra Island. Earlier this week, the Hakai Institute successfully deployed a custom-built underwater observatory—known as a LIMPET.
The Mud Dragons of Calvert Island
December 07, 2015
by Josh Silberg
Tiny dragons live on the ocean floor off Calvert Island. Hakai researchers are studying these mysterious marine creatures to find out how many species are out there, and learn more about these poorly understood animals.